From the young age Jadeck was fond of music , preferring electronic. The Early 90 's bands like E - type , Ace of Base, Mo - Do , Dr.Alban , Prodigy has greatly influenced on Jadeck's music taste. In 1999 Jadeck moved to Israel, where the love to the music did not pass but became even stronger.

 In 2000 Jadeck got acquainted with Max Margolin, who had the same music tastes. In 2003 Friends launch their own radio show on party107 called "TLV Nights". Those days they have played progressive house and progressive trance. On their show lots of world-renowned musicians such as Brisker and Magitman , Espen and Elusive , Prt stacho , iFrolov , Moshic, Astronivo , Alucard were also invited to perform. In 2012 Jadeck & Friends launches an open air lines. Parties took place on the sea shore, in the woods and included big groups of people and high-quality line-ups.

 During all these years Jadeck, step by step, attempting to record his own sound, which fits his own preferences and music vision. At last, in 2014, his finished product with 4 remixes was signed to a major label "Massive Harmony" named Jadeck - Ayalon Highway.

 Now Jadeck is working and developing his skills attempting to creat beautiful atmospheric deep sound.